Observe , perceive , feel!

It’s so stupendous how these wonders of nature teach us so much!

Have you ever seen the way a catterpillar makes it’s cocoon ? Hard efforts are needed to cover the entire portion from it’s head to tail .

But it does that, with all its patience. It spirals round and round and covers all over to make a bed for itself.This process of utter patience will ultimately lead to the caterpillar turning into a beautiful colorful butterfly, that dances around in the midst of those floral landspans.

Look at the horizon. It tells us how boundless hope is . We can reach the infinites and all that just because of hope. We see the radiant Sun rising and setting by it that makes us want to reach there.

Look at the rainy days. Doesn’t it teach you that though there are some times with dark clouds .It pours down tiny drops to satiate Earth’s thirst , to help selflessly ; the scents of the petrichor , the green lush nodding blissfully without any worries.

And did you ever see the rainbow?

It’s made of so many different colours. Yet they all stay merged in harmony.

This is not it. There’s so much around. Just go out there observe , perceive and feel the poetry in it!